2008 Decapode collect

Collections of Decapoda that I have made during my stay include one hundred or so species, a lot of them entered in the Biocode database after common sampling in the mangrove. Estimated number of new taxa is about 10-15 % a figure that can appear modest but that must be regarded in the view of intensive previous sampling of Decapoda in French Polynesia. Also, this figure does not include the alpheid shrimps studied separately by A. Anker. As a lot of common species of lagoon and fore reef had been already sampled during a previous Biocode fieldwork (2006), I have mostly focused on decapods living in other biotopes: river, estuary and terrestrial area around Opunohu Bay. The most striking species I found there are a small terrestrial crab, Epigrapsus sp., and a large freshwater shrimp, Macrobrachium grandimanus.Along fringing reef of Moorea airport, at low tide among coral rubbles, I have also had the chance to find, Calappa gallus, a species distinct from common Calappa hepatica by a black spot on lateral side of its carapace. These 3 species are probably common in Moorea but they are so discreet that in about 20 years of steady sampling in French Polynesia I have never had the opportunity to collect them! This a chance that they can be included in the Moorea Biocode project!