Date: October 15 2008
Theme: Insects and sea mammals

On October 15, 2008, we welcomed a class of junior-high students from the LAMENNAIS school to the GUMP station for an "Biocode Day." To begin the day, we toured the marine lab, followed by two presentations in the library: one by a UCB student on "Cetaceans and their migrations," and another from Biocode coordinator, Jerome Petit, on the Moorea Biocode Project. The students, curious and very interested, bombarded the presenters with questions. After the presentations, we had a guided tour of the two laboratories used by Biocode staff: the Biocode lab and the Molecular lab. To finish off the day, the pupils and Biocode staff went to the Atiti'a Botanical Garden to collect insects to have their DNA sequenced and included in the Biocode database.

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