Date: December 12th 2008
Theme: "Celebration of plants"

For the second Biocode Day, called La Fête Des Plantes, we received two classes from the Paopao Primary School at the Gump Station. The program started with an introduction by GK-12 fellow Brad Balukjian, followed by a presentation of the Moorea Biocode Project by Reo Terai. We welcomed our keynote speaker, Dr. Jean-Yves Meyer, a botanist with the Délégation à la Recherche in Tahiti, who gave a talk on the diversity and importance of French Polynesia's native forests. The students then gave oral presentations on the 7 species of plants that they had researched over the course of the past several weeks, providing information on the species' natural history, distribution, and cultural use/ significance. A jury consisting of Tahitian scientists evaluated each presentation and awarded the winning team with the grand prize--a globe/book called "La Planète Terre." To wrap up, the students were given tours of the marine, Biocode, and molecular labs at the Gump Station.


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