Date: Monday, February 2nd
Theme: "World Wetlands Day."

The Te Pu Atiti'a Association, together with Biocode staff, Bradley Balukjian from the GK12 program, and local botanist Ravahere Taputurai participated in this event organized by the Commune de Moorea Maiao (local government). It was held at a community site in Vaiare and two classes were invited: CM2 from the primary school, and 6eme from the junior high, both in Afareaitu. The event included four displays from different organizations: Te man o te moana, SPEA, PGEM, and one from the Gump Station (made together with Te Pu Atiti'a, Biocode, and GK12). The mayor of Moorea gave an opening speech to start the progam. The first part of the day was meant to make the students aware of the importance of picking up their trash. In the second part of the day, the children were broken up into four groups to visit the displays. The Gump Station's display was entitled "Biodiversity in the wetlands of Moorea," and included two stations giving different presentations. The first dealt with the importance of the wetlands, the variety of plants you can find there and some definitions and translations of key words in English. The second station was comprised of a presentation and demonstration on the traditional uses of specific plants. Upon finishing each station, questions were posed to the students regarding the presentation. At the finale, each group was given a prize.

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