From what we have learned in the preliminary sampling, and because the fungi are so diverse, we will employ a full-time post-doc for the first two years of the project to manage the transect-based surveys on site in Moorea, processing, and conducting the molecular analyses at UC Berkeley. To assist with sampling in Moorea, we will hire a parttime technician and one graduate student. Both M. Garbelotto and a second faculty (Sarah Bergemann) will be on location in Moorea (June-August) to provide the expertise for macrofungal identification and sample collection. We are also requesting funds to cover the costs of a semester release time for Dr. Bergemann at Middle Tennessee State University. Dr. Bergemann will assist with the simple annotation, final reports and the oversight of the data analyses.


Our budget will require intensive concentration on molecular analyses (i.e., more laboratory effort compared to field). Based on the previous Barcode expertise of 6,000 macro fungal specimens of the Venice Museum, our budget costs should be sufficient to cover the molecular analyses.


Field and lab work will take place during 2009 and 2010.