Ferns and bryophytes expeditions (B. Mishler)

Under the supervision of Brent Mishler, ferns and bryophytes were surveyed during September & October 2008, and again in June 2009. Joel Nitta (graduate of UCB and its Moorea field course, and currently a graduate student in Japan) surveyed for bryophytes and ferns at high elevations on the east side of the island from Sept. 6th through Sept. 26th, with striking success. Approximately 150 collections of ferns were made, and from these about 40 species were collected that are not previously reported from Moorea, and several appear to be undescribed taxa. Mishler collected bryophytes from Sept 15th - October 12th (while teaching the UCB Moorea field course), along with Elaine Fok (current undergrad at UCB, and alum of the UCB Moorea field course) from Oct 4th - 12th. Approximately 600 specimens of bryophytes were collected by Nitta, Fok, and Mishler during the fall expedition. Over the first two weeks of June 2009, Mishler and two UC graduate students in bryology, Ben Carter and Ekaphan (Bier) Kraichak, collected extensively all over the island; approximately 1,500 specimens were collected during this expedition. Processing of the samples is continuing at UCB: sorting out plants for DNA extraction, photographing all collections under a dissecting scope, and entering data into the Biocode database.