If you are willing to participate to the Moorea Biocode Project, we invite you to complete the following steps:
  1. You need to contact Jérôme Petit to check the station’s vacancy for the dates you want to come to Moorea.
  2. Then, you will be invited to fill this form to help us to determine your logistical needs. You can find a full inventory of our facilities on the Biocode laboratory and the Molecular laboratory pages.
  3. In order to make final reservations, the Principal Investigator must open a project in the Gump online reservations system. Once this is done, you and members of your team can immediately begin to make reservations for this project - see reservations page.
  4. All individuals carrying out research at the Gump Station must complete the French Polynesian government's scientific permit application form (in English or French) and email it to Hinano Murphy as a Word or PDF document. This applies to researchers, professors, assistants, and students irrespective of their nationality or length of stay. The team leaders should fill out the form first and distribute it to their team; other members of the group only then need to substitute their personal information in the first two pages.
  5. For non-European Union citizens, you must wait to receive notification that your project has been approved by the French Polynesian government before you travel. See visa requirements page for details.
  6. Some species are protected by French Polynesian legislation and or international treaties (e.g., CITES) and require additional permitting for research on those species in French Polynesia and/or for their export. Please see our biodiversity regulations guide for more details.
  7. Before coming to Moorea, you are invited to check out our Biocode laboratory policy.