A cubic foot of reef

For the February 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine, photographer David Liittschwager crafted a one-foot-square metal cube and placed itin a range of ecosystems-land and water, tropical and temperate,freshwater and marine. Over several weeks at each location,Liittschwager and a team of biologists found, identified, and photographed creatures that passed through the cube. David wanted to a cubic foot of a coral reef,  so he joined the Biocode team in June 2008 and placed his metal cube on the reef at Temae. The result was stunning, and Moorea's biodiversity is the highlight of his article in the current issue of National Geographic. More species and animals were found in Moorea's cubic foot than anywhere else he sampled! More information can be found on this by following this link: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/02/cubic-foot/wilson-text


Copyright David Littschwager/National Geographic

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