Biocode days

The Moorea Biocode Project has a strong outreach component and raises awareness of the local communities in Moorea on biodiversity conservation, notably through the Biocode days. One time a month, classes or associations from Moorea are invited to the Gump station for a full-day or half-day introduction to the Moorea Biocode Project. Each month participants are invited to focus on one or several species or biological family from Moorea. The Biocode Days agenda follows as much as possible the local and international events related to conservation and biodiversity (e.g. World Wetlands Day, Climate Change Day, Celebration of Plants…). When possible, Biocode scientists working at the station are involved in the organization of the Biocode Days and present their work. Sometimes, participants are also invited to conduct research and collect specimens ahead of time, and compile their data into an article or poster and curate their specimens. The participants are assisted by Biocode staff (Reo Terai, Vetea Liao, and Jérôme Petit), Atiti'a (Hinano Murphy) and GK-12 members. A list of the Biocode days agenda and the people involved is available here.

Standard program for Biocode days:

  • Presentation of the Moorea Biocode Project + short movie on the general project (30 mins)
  • Visit of the Biocode and Molecular labs (15 mins) and, when possible, specimen processing (specimen photography, specimen curation and database entry) and DNA extraction
  • Work in groups of 4 or 5 on focal species with input from the island elders or scientists (2 hours or more), or collection in the field of focal species,or games/quizzes on focal species




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