A “how to” portal for biodiversity inventories:

As a joint project between CBOL¹s Leading Labs network, iBOL's Barcoding Biotas working group and the Moorea Biocode Project, development of a dynamic website is underway to disseminate knowledge, experience and knowhow for inventorying biological diversity. Based on a cradle to grave approach, from permitting and collection through to vouchering and DNA barcoding, the website will assemble relevant materials in a single, indexed location that is searchable across habitats and taxonomic groups. This portal provides opportunity for embedding varied media types, including pdfs and videos, that instruct researchers on experiences garnered by others. It will also include wikis and feedback opportunity for appending comments and suggestions. As a living document, new techniques and documentation can be posted and updated quickly, and lessons learned by various research teams and taxonomic tricks known to specialists can be distributed broadly so as to minimize information loss and maximize field and lab efficiency. In this way, the collective intelligence of all workers documenting and monitoring biological diversity can be leveraged.