If you are a participant in the Moorea Biocode Project, we invite you to complete the following steps:

  1. All participants must be supervised/invited by one of the Biocode Project's principal investigators.
  2. Each and every participant coming to Moorea should contact Vetea Liao to make arrangements for their needs while on the island.
  3. You will be invited to fill this form to help us to determine your logistical needs. You can find a full inventory of our facilities on the Biocode laboratory and the Molecular laboratory pages.
  4. To make your reservation for residential or day-use of the Gump Station, please follow the instructions on the Gump Station website. (You will be given the password for the Biocode Project by Vetea).
  5. Note that the Gump Station reservations page also describes the French Polynesian government application form that you must also fill out.  It provides links for you to check on any visa requirements.
  6. Please note that some species are protected by French Polynesian legislation and/or international treaties (e.g., CITES) and require additional permitting for research on those species in French Polynesia and/or for their export. Please see our biodiversity regulations guide for more details.
  7. Before coming to Moorea, you are invited to check out our Biocode laboratory policy.