John Deck, University of California Berkeley Joyce Gross, University of California Berkeley


A major part of the Moorea Biocode Program is the development of new software and database system to track collected material, tissue samples, DNA extractions, and sequencing steps. The two main software components being developed are the Field Information Management System (FIMS) and the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The intention is to develop open-source tools of use to the general community, as well as the MBP specifically.

The goal of our Field Information Management System (Biocode FIMS) is to capture all collecting event, specimen, tissues, and photo records for each sample. Recognizing that field time is precious, yet data management critical, we provide Biocode users a number of options for data entry based on their workflow and time constraints. Minimally we provide data entry via spreadsheets and subsequent uploads with error checking, but also provide multiple entry points directly into either a central or locally deployed server with greater validation modules.

The Biocode LIMS system tracks tissue samples through DNA extraction and sequencing. The LIMS system is a plug-in to the Geneious software developed by Biomatters ( and offers the ability to track all steps of the laboratory process and integrate with BOLD, Genbank, and the Biocode FIMS system.


See Biocode Commons for updates on Biocode FIMS, LIMS and other tools and resources.  Biocode Commons is the informatics stack for the Genomic Observatories Network