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Nov. 24, 2010: Biocode and BioMatters (the New Zealand company and makers of the Geneious software package) have been working together for two years to create a LIMS PlugIn that integrates both with our Field Information Management System (FIMS) and their existing Geneious Platform.

This Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) tracks workflows through a LabBench module from tissues through extraction, PCR, and cycle sequencing. It includes a cherry-picking tool and other features to reveal systematic patterns of success or failure. Once traces are generated, an Assembler Module automatically creates contigs, bins the assemblies (high, medium, low) based on flexible user-specified parameters for faster processing, and provides a taxonomic verification module for final QA/QC. A Genbank Submission PlugIn then bundles the resulting sequences for submission using standard protocols.

This tool was first introduced as a Webinar through the Connect Barcode of Life Leading Labs Group.

We are releasing this PlugIn to the public for beta-testing as of November 29, 2010 so that other laboratories, large and small, can take advantage of these developments. More information, downloads and instructions are available here.