Marine invertebrates team 2008 seasonThe Moorea Biocode Project represents a clear and unifying challenge to focus the ingenuity and skills of many different individuals and organizations, whether they are directly participating in (and funded by) the MBP, or represent key partners using the MBP to leverage their efforts. The MBP requires an effective organizational structure that ensures cohesion among the various elements but delegates responsibility to maximize operational efficiency.


Principal investigators have been identified for the core MBP outputs. Each major taxonomic group of the MBP is led by an expert who is responsible for assembling the team, coordinating field collections, taxonomic identification and curation of specimens. The Biocode taxonomic teams are the terrestrial invertebrates team, the terrestrial vertebrates team, the plants team, the fungi team, the marine invertebrates team, the marine vertebrates team and the algae team.

Lamenais class from Papeete during a Biocode dayOperational management of the MBP is ensured by Christopher Meyer, the Program Director based in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, assisted by Jérôme Petit, the Program Coordinator based in the Gump station in Moorea. Two technicians, Reo Terai and Vetea Liao (Moorea staff) have been hired by the Gump Station to assist MBP field teams with the processing of specimens (genetic, morphological, and database entry). Benoit Espiau, a CNRS technician from Criobe assist MBP field teams based at Criobe.


LAB people in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington operate large scale DNA sequencing.  The IT team is producing the informatics services needed for ATBI and biocode-enabled research in Model Ecosystems.  The ABS Team is working of the "Access and Benefit Sharing" aspect of the Moorea Biocode Project.

April, Vetea and Reo sorting insects