The Biocode Laboratory, located on the first floor of the Gump facility, is a shared space managed by Biocode staff. We have many teams arriving at various times to use the lab space, which is shared in common. In order to keep the lab running smoothly and efficiently, everyone must be especially considerate of the lab rules and regulations. You are invited to read the Biocode lab policies before your arrival to Moorea.

General Information

  • Anyone using the Biocode lab should have prior approval from Jerome Petit.
  • Every Saturday the lab will be closed from 7:30am-9am for cleaning. Please respect this policy or the lab will not get cleaned. If the company sees people inside the lab, they will not interrupt your work, they will simply not clean the room.
  • In order to save our air conditioning system as well as prevent mold, please keep all wet clothing/towels/shoes etc. outside of the lab.
  • Make sure you leave the lab the way you found it. If you bring any items at the beginning of your trip, clean them up when you leave. If anything is left that is not useful/approved for general use, it will be thrown away. Clean up your bench space and put your supplies away as soon as you are done using the space.
  • Lunches can be provided for 900 CFP, if there are at least 10 people interested. Order your lunch by 12pm the previous day by signing up on the white board. Payment can be made to Reo.
  • Please lock up the lab, turn off the lights, and check all doors if you are the last to leave at night.

Chemical and Laboratry Safety

  • Chemicals brought down by teams should be checked into the lab upon arrival. Please give the chemical safety data sheets to Jerome so they can be put in the safety binder.
  • Each individual needs to know the proper way to handle and dispose of the chemicals they have brought.
  • Waste and chemical containers must be labeled with the contents and owner. No plastic bottles (coke/water etc.) are acceptable. The station provides disposal for basic chemicals but there will be a charge for especially toxic chemicals that requiring special handling.
  • No chemicals can be put down the sink, as it drains to the bay.
  • Please be aware of general laboratory safety protocols
  • Shoes must be worn at all times (this includes every lab at the station)
  • For safety and in order to keep the lab clean and pest free, there is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the lab at anytime.
  • Safety goggles must be worn whenever necessary for your work, and when handling any hazardous chemicals.

Equipment and Space

  • There is no long-term storage available in the Biocode lab. The only items allowed in the cabinets are general use or day-to-day items brought by the teams. If you require long terms storage please arrange with Jerome. The items will need to be packed in an action packer, labeled, and put in the storage room.
  • Because we have limited space and many people, bench space will be also be organized by Jerome and a basic plan will be set up on the white board.
  • All items owned by Biocode must remain in the lab or be returned after checkout. Please check with Reo regarding use of:
  • GPS units and cameras: available for checkout, no data or pictures should be left on any of the memory cards.
  • Freezers: specific storage and packing procedures will be provided.
  • Locking cabinet policy : ask for the code. Please reserve the gear you need the day before and check in/out on the white board.
  • Microscopes: limited availability. Please try to reserve a time on the white board (if not we'll distribute them to you)


  • You can connect to the database through from your computer. A database entry manual is available. Ask Jerome if you have any questions.
  • For database entry and plate populating purposes, your unique plate/batch number will be assigned by Aimee.
  • Please enter data into the database as soon as possible and definitely before leaving the station. It is best to enter as you go along and this will help to prevent the loss of information. Because a major goal of this project is the software development, please provide your feedback to Jerome, John or Joyce whenever possible (bugs, issues, ideas etc.)